About Us

Media Relations

With more than 50 years of combined experienced, our relationships with individual media members across the country and the wide spectrum of sports sets us apart from the others. When we call media outlets to pitch story ideas, we’re speaking to longtime friends and colleagues.

We speak the language of the media.

Social Media

Reaching people through social media has become the norm and can be an effective tool in forwarding sponsor messages and shaping the perception of individual athletes. At the same time, social media must be closely monitored to avoid any confusion in the media and with sponsors. Our team stays on top of all social media interaction while training athletes in the proper communication for social platforms.


A proven strategy for success

Geiger Media Global is a Texas-based Public Relations firm specializing in media and sponsor relations.

The company was started in 1997 by journalist Rob Geiger with the goal of maximizing the relationship between corporations and sponsored entities to the benefit of both parties. Through the years, our perfected turn-key approach to media relations and social media management has vastly improved each sponsor’s return on investment, leading to long-running contracts with some of the biggest players in the sponsorship market.

Our client list includes GEICO, CatSpot Organic Cat Litter, Magic Dry 100% Organic Multi-Purpose Absorbent, Lucas Oil Products, JEGS High Performance, Toyota, Honda, Mopar, Planet Fitness, Pennzoil, Gumout, Factory Connection, Victory Motorcycles, MAVTV, Protect The Harvest, Dan Pastorini Charities, Addi's Faith Foundation, and FireIce.

The staff at Geiger Media Global works to be intimately involved with our clients and expertly help them get the most from their sponsorship investment. We are the frontline foot soldiers doing all the necessary work to the benefit of our clients, as well as a supporting cast to those boots on the ground utilizing relentless planning, follow-up, tracking and reporting to keep our customers at the forefront of the industry.

Our staff of industry experts have been hand-picked and all of us have extensive backgrounds in journalism, which we feel gives us a competitive edge over other PR firms. We know how to deliver what the media wants because we were in the media ourselves for many years.

For the best in media and sponsor relations, turn to Geiger Media Global.