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A family-owned company with a rich racing heritage and a passion for muscle cars and street rods. We have over 55 years of experience delivering the best high-performance auto parts from the best brands. JEGS has a knowledgeable technical support staff, outstanding customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our warehouse is filled with millions of name-brand auto parts ready for same-day shipping.

Customers are priority #1. JEGS strives to offer as many of the auto parts and accessories you want for your car, truck, or Jeep. We have original equipment replacement parts for restoration projects, late model engines to swap into classic muscle cars, and aftermarket accessories for the hottest hot rod. Truck and Jeep fans will find wheels, cat-back exhaust systems, engines for off-roading, and much more! Camaro and Mustang enthusiasts can continue their feud by adding a Borla Exhaust, Cherry Bomb Muffler, or Hooker Headers.

Our litter is made from 100% Coconut. That’s it.

There’s good reason we only use Coconut...

  • 100% All-Natural, 100% Organic
  • Can absorb 560% of its weight in liquid
  • Naturally controls odors with zero chemicals
  • Biodegradable – can be beneficially repurposed in yards, flower beds, or compost
  • Sustainable – a reproductive fruit from nature
    This is Mother Nature at her best!

We Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy.

Love your Pet, Love your Planet

Did you know that an estimated 8 Billion Pounds of cat litter is disposed of in landfills annually?

100% Dust-free with no clumping agents or toxic clay.

Lightest litter on the market. Don’t lug home heavy litter ever again.

Ammonia Absorption
Coconut naturally absorbs the ammonia and eliminates the smell.

Used litter can be beneficially repurposed in yards, flower beds, or compost.

What is the SDBA?
We are a member driven organization that provides quality and safe racing for our members. SDBA has been around the racing community since 1974, and is one of the oldest drag boat racing organizations.

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Utilizing the all-natural, super-absorbency of coconut husks, Magic Dry is the perfect solution to all kinds of liquid spills. Chemical-free and 100-percent environmentally friendly, the best absorbent ever is now available for sale in a variety of industrial, automotive and household sizes.

Magic Dry is thirsty for spilled oil, grease, coolant, fuel, chemicals, paint and all manner of industrial fluids. Basically, if you have a liquid spill, Magic Dry is the answer.

One of the top benefits of our product is Magic Dry's adherence to all governmental regulations. Because it's made from a simple organic substance with no additives of any kind, even devoted environmentalists approve of Magic Dry.

Magic Dry is so absorbent, it actually lifts liquids out of hard surfaces to give the ultimate clean-up. It's also easy to collect and dispose of when saturated.

Magic Dry works on a variety of surfaces, including water, where it can be used to clean up oil and chemical spills that must be contained as quickly as possible.

Because it's made from coconut, Magic Dry is much lighter than any other absorbent on the market. This makes it easy to use and quick to transport to spill sites.

Magic Dry is made in the heart of America at our facility in Sikeston, Missouri.