Austin Philpot



Vital Statistics
Residence: Boerne, Texas
Hometown: Boerne, Texas
Date of birth: December 1, 1997

Height/Weight: 6’0”, 200 lbs.
Hobbies: Fitness, shooting, music, playing guitar, anything fast

Top Dragster/Pro Stock
2016 car: 2012 Spitzer blown alcohol dragster
Crew chief: Tim Philpot/Tommy Keeter
Team owner: Tim Philpot
Career wins/runner-ups: 29/18
Best points finish: 1st (Jr. Dragster, 2013-2014)
First start: 2006, San Antonio (Jr. Dragster), 2014, Dallas (Top Dragster)
Career-best elapsed time: 6.462 seconds (TD, Houston, 2016)
Career-best speed: 210 mph (TD, Houston, 2016)

2015 Season Highlights

  • Obtained NHRA Top Dragster license
  • Attended four PDRA Top Dragster races
  • Earned first Top Dragster round-win


Career Highlights

  • 2008 Division 4 champion
  • Outlaw 330 crew chief/car owner
  • 12 No. 1 qualifiers
  • Multi-time winner as both driver and tuner


Notable: Avid nitrous tuner, college sophomore


Spend a little time with drag racing’s newest and brightest shining star, Austin Philpot, and you will quickly realize that you’re in the presence of a phenomenon waiting patiently to happen. At age 18, he is already showing signs of having that elusive balance of talent, desire, and opportunity to make an indelible mark in NHRA’s Pro Stock class.

Hailing from Boerne, Texas, Philpot is a third-generation drag racer adamant about putting God first in everything he does, directly followed by his family, which he also keeps at the top of his life, highlighted by the moniker of the newly-formed Philpot Family Racing Team. Philpot’s dad Tim and his grandfather Leon have both spent time behind the wheel of drag racing machines. Leon still races in the Stock class at the spry age 76.

Philpot currently pilots a Top Dragster to quarter-mile runs in the six-second range at speeds in excess of 210 mph. His start in drag racing came at age 8 in NHRA’s Jr. Dragster ranks, where he went on to wrangle championship-winning horsepower as both a wheelman and as an engine tuner for his brother, Aaron.

Philpot also has some more extraordinary horsepower behind his new factory hot rod efforts other than his family: He has the winningest driver/crew chief in the history of NHRA Pro Stock racing, Warren Johnson, in his corner as an engine builder and as a mentor.

After a few phone calls, in May 2016 Philpot was face to face with Johnson, known respectfully throughout the racing world as “the Professor”, for a meeting that could change the course of straight-line racing for many years to come.

“Mr. Johnson said, ‘If you’re serious about this, come have a meeting with me at my shop in Georgia,’ so I got in the car and drove from Texas to Georgia,” Philpot said. “We sat down and he told me what it was going to take to race Pro Stock, and he told me what it was going to take to be good.

“I told him, ‘If I’m getting into this, I’m not getting into it to race Pro Stock; I’m getting into this to be the best Pro Stock racer the NHRA has ever seen.’ ”

With “the Professor” at the head of the class again, Pro Stock school will be back in session soon for the ever-optimistic Philpot, who for the time being remains enrolled in college to continue his non-racing educational endeavors.

“It’s been a dream for a long time to go Pro Stock racing, ever since I was 7 or 8 years old,” Philpot said. “I think every kid when he gets into drag racing dreams of racing as a professional some day. Now, that day is really close for me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.